The Best Thing of violin app

VIoly could be the must-have app for Violin, Viola, and Cello mastering and practicing.
Violy application makes the string devices process easier for the songs lecturers, students, in addition to all-level online players. It listens, auditions your own music exercise!
Violy could hear plus stick to your current practice without any extra equipment, on the end, Violy gives season casting results and ratings.

You could have 15 days product to experience Premium features.
Even if you are not really Premium user, most regarding features are available to be able to you, include sheet music acquire and audition.

So why Violy

VIoly makes music/music instrument practice easier.
For student: real-time audition responses;
Violy raises efficiency of practice. Students can continue to persist this music studying with simply no difficulty.

For teacher: current preparation report;
Spend much less time to correct student’s fundamental parts since expression, beat, etc. Together with teach college students more efficiently, get more information on some sort of student’s performance.
For the patients parents: no more more pain as audio practice partner;
Have the comprehensive view of your own kids music skill.

Just how to use

Get the sensible device at hand.
Enter the app, find the piece music you would like to practice, and click to see the bed sheet in Audition function. Wise Start: have fun open guitar strings 1/2/3/4 (E, A new, Deb, G with regard to violin) in turn, and start a practice.

Score Following: the app recognizes your overall performance. Subsequently, the cursor on the bed sheet will find up with the songs you have got played. At violin app of the season casting, the app evaluates the particular practice, and outputs the actual result. Score and stats: examination any note in incorrect intonation/rhythm, and the message balance of each note.


Lively score following for Season casting:
Smart Begin: no system operations desired. just participate in the start strings to begin a exercise.

Music adhering to: during the particular practice, the cursor comes after the played sound, together with automatically jumps towards the correct point.

Automatic Cease: zero device operations wanted. In the event that you want to end the training, just prevent playing.

Section Rehearsing: begin playing at any start level, just click on bed sheet music to set a start off point.

Repeat Warning signs: duplicated sections of typically the sheet songs are supported well. You are able to set to help turn off the frequent section.

Polyphony: the application adhere to multiple parts for the sheet music, and indicates this bias on every note.

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